My Unplanned Itinerary

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

The birth of my partner

Finally u r born to know of
ur presence only a few weeks before...and
then read one of my friendz blog today....and
then i decided that this patient listener wud
be my good partner..and lo..u were born..i have always felt that a good partner is one
who can be a good friend to you..and a good
friend is one who can first of all patiently
listen to u rite???so today onwards hope u wud be there till
lifez end to share all that i
experience..feel....hear...and wanna say!here i am sitting in front of the comp....i
still have 3 more hours for the work to
finish.....finally i can start at 10..i
haven't had a single soul to speak with for
the past 4 hrs..almost all have left the
office.....and then itz an hourz drive to
reach home..again another silent journey in
the bus....god-forbidden i hope therez no
traffic...then it wud even more later...i
finally reach at 11.30...and everyone at
homez already half asleep....i stay as a
Paying guest with a after
reaching homee..the only good thing is that
home food wud be readily available...hmmm..after staying for 4 yrs at college away
from home...has increased my craze for momz
food....oh i miss u so much mom!!!forgive me
for those days when i have always been
cribbing abt ur preparations..i wu just like
to tell u that u r simply the best cook in
the world....even when i sit in front of a 7
star hotel....and have a buffet there..still
my mouth waters and i feel nothing can match
the sambar and cabbage poriyal that you
make....these late nights at office...r forcing to
shut my mouth..something which i otehrwise
never do....and my friends always keep saying
that all my calories get spent just for this
jabberbox which never shuts unless i am fast
asleep...even tyhen i keep mumbling....thatz
me..talking in dreams!so my dear partner...shall i call u dumlu...i
generally reserve that name for special ppl
for special occassions only...but felt that u
shud deserve u r gonna take the pain
of listening to me signing off today....awaiting to tell u
more tomorrow!i have lotz in store for u!!!